APPROACH Our goal is to produce excellent returns to our investors by investing and building value in excellent technology companies. We believe that excellent companies deliver value to entrepreneurs, employees, customers and investors alike. Such value can only be created through partnership. We seek to partner with entrepreneurs and managers who share our values, interests and goals. We are entrepreneurial ourselves. We've been there and know what it takes. We are here to help entrepreneurs make the right decisions and avoid the wrong decisions. We put to work our experience, network and capital to achieve our shared goals.
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PHILOSOPHY   The information revolution is by now a cliché. Unlike the agricultural revolution that spanned millennia and the industrial revolution that unfolded over centuries, the information revolution is changing the world in merely decades. It too creates new wealth, shifts wealth and has a huge impact on society and culture. At the same time, the information revolution accelerates, and is accelerated by, globalization, creating huge opportunities for those who partner to build the next generation of information technology leaders.

Like revolutions past, it is led by visionaries who exploit technological discontinuities to dramatically increase productivity. But today, and even more so in the future, the pace is frantic and competition is fierce and global. Capital is necessary but not sufficient - experience and the ability to execute are critical.

We believe that the information revolution has years to complete its course, providing numerous opportunities to introduce change, increase productivity and create wealth. Exploiting these opportunities requires the right mixture of people, technology, capital and timing. We seek to partner with innovators who have both the vision and the pragmatism required to transform an idea into a solution, an architecture into a significant barrier to competition, a marketing strategy into a paying customer base, a business model into a revenue stream and a business plan into an executing operation.
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The information revolution is all about transformation and transfer of data at faster rates, broader reach, higher reliability and lower costs. Information Technology (IT) spans enabling technologies through applications to end-user services. IT encompasses materials, components, systems, software, content and services.
We leverage our knowledge, expertise and network to invest primarily in Israel-related early stage IT companies in selected sectors:

Telecommunications and Data communications,

Internet infrastructure,

Enterprise software,

Storage and Semiconductors,

Rich media

We leverage our operational experience to invest in, and help grow, early stage companies. Our investments include seed-stage ventures, first round funding and, selectively, later stage investments.

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INVESTMENT CRITERIA We don't invest in buzzwords, fat business plans with 'conservative' financials in complex spreadsheets or animated PowerPoint presentations. We invest in people who can envision, build and lead great companies and with real technology. What do we look for then?

Entrepreneurs and management who among them have the vision, charisma, experience and execution ability required to draw and lead execution teams, customers and investors through tough times under great strain.

A clearly defined, substantial size, high growth market. An absolutley crisp understanding of the need, problem or opportunity you are responding to. We expect you to understand the market, its dynamics and structure better than any of us.

A well-defined product that provides a '10X' solution to your target market's needs with a tried and proved business model. We expect that you'll know the competitive space better than any of us and that you will have validated your product idea and business model with the market to the extent possible at your firm's stage.

Your product should be based on a deep technological foundation which provides you with a significant barrier to competition in terms of intellectual property rights or 'trade secrets' and/or considerable time-to-market advantage.
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