Formula Ventures focuses on investments in early stage Israel-related Information Technology start-ups. We partner with entrepreneurs to turn technological excellence into economic success in the global market

Information and communication technology is the growth engine of the global economy and an agent of change in business and society, and Israeli technology and talent will continue to serve as a major source for innovation in these domains. In increasingly competitive markets, entrepreneurs require investors who can maximize success through extensive operational experience and business networks. For such entrepreneurs, Formula Ventures is the right partner.

We have partnered with numerous start-ups to focus their strategies, develop strategic relationships, partner with US and European investors and establish corporate headquarters in Silicon Valley, Route 128, New Jersey and in Europe.

We look to invest in start-ups with significant technological advantage, sound business model and a proven ability to execute. Our investment process is professional and direct. We partner with entrepreneurs to turn vision into value.
Formula Ventures News
Our strategic partners are the foundation of a global network:
Formula Group is the leading broad base IT group in Israel.
VantagePoint Venture Partners, a top 5 US venture funds
UBS Capital is the world's leading global asset manager.
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